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hi, i'm laura! i'm currently in my final year of swansea metropolitan university studying general illustration. i like to focus my work towards the line of fashion illustration and advertising, although i will happily cover other areas of illustration and fine art. I enjoy using a range of different media to create hand-drawn pieces. I partially enjoy life drawing and i like to include the human form in many of my illustrations. Any queries please email me! thanks for visiting :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

experimental work

experimental work from various different projects. I like working in a range of different mediums. :)

mixed media of acrylic, pencil and collage.

Collage and hand stitching. I have also done character design with the same technique.

shoes-coloured pencil and charcoal.

skulls-black ball point pen and water colour.

Courtney Love- oil pastel, experimenting with colour. 

pen and ink- smiley dog

fox/ anti fur campaign- collage, ink and bleach 

rhondda colliers- charcoal and pastel

operation- thick acrylic and pastel

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